Businesses In Demand

Looking For

 An excellent, well established engineering or diesel mechanical business.

#Buyer ID: 3844

Canberra Region.

Engineering, Mechanics, Diesel Specialist Mechanics

Established or room for growth, Excellent return, Ideally a Diesel Mechanics Business

#Buyer ID: 6000


Only looking for a Licenced Post Office (Australia Post)

Registration with Australia Post, LPO, $300,000

#Buyer ID: 5977

Canberra (Any city for Boost Juice).

Cafe (5 & 7 Days), Supermarkets, Fast Food

Franchise. At least $1 million turnover. Ideally Boost Juice business.

Looking For

A submersible pump and motor manufacturing business or a whole sale business in any...

#Buyer ID: 6325

Australia Wide.

Submersible Pump & Motor Manufacturing, Whole Sale (Any)

Around $100,000 - $200,000 , Better with Reputable Brand , Better with Franchise

#Buyer ID: 4857

No real preference.

ISP/ Internet hosting Client

Provide internet hosting to numerous sites

Looking For

Looking for a location where Coles and Wollies are struggling to get into. Or a location...

#Buyer ID: 6692

The preference is that it is near a school or train station. Supermarket that is between 800-4000m2..


Must be larger than 800m2 and the location is vital!

Looking For

Accountancy books, mortgage broking books, Financial Planning (where sales were...

#Buyer ID: 6752

Between Bowral (NSW) and Canberra (ACT); or north of Bowral in Picton/Camden..

Prefer Accountancy or Mortgage Broking

The ideal would be accountancy books in Gungahlin or Northern suburbs of Canberra.

Looking For

A mechanic workshop. At least 2 to 3 hoists in the shop.

#Buyer ID: 6561

Canberra, preferably the southside.


Fine to pay around $500 a week on lease(but need to be a reasonable size with plenty of car parking such a price)

Looking For

Restaurant to revamp. We are looking to spend money to refurbish it and put our own spin...

#Buyer ID: 6897

Anywhere, as long as the business has good foot traffic..


The business need not be performing well.

#Buyer ID: 7018

Anywhere in Canberra or anywhere 1 hour drive from Canberra is fine..

Liquor Shop or Petrol Station

Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Budget depends on the business and location. Could be new or successful.

#Buyer ID: 7105

Melbourne is their first choice but open to all locations if the business is good.

Gym or Food franchise

sound cash flow easy to operate Income over $100000 after interest and taxes

#Buyer ID: 6037

Anywhere in Canberra, except inside a shopping center. Preferably surrounded by corporate buildings..

Café industry

As long as the business is good. Profit has to be $150k annually. Location is good.